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Portrait Photography Course 3h

  • Course Level: Intermediate

  • Duration: 4h

  • Max Participants: 5

  • Lecture Language: English

  • Conversational Language: English, Swiss German, Italian

  • Location: Zurich

  • Course Type: Classroom and Outdoor

  • Price: CHF 265

This intermediate photography course is focused on Portrait Photography. It is an efficient combination in between theory and practice, which will teach you how to take stunning models portraits, family portraits, fashion photography, fashion & beauty portraits, babies & kids portraits in natural lightening.

You will learn:

  • Introduction – explore the many different types of portrait photography including lifestyle portraits, head and shoulder, posed portraits, indoor VS outdoor etc.

  • Light - learn how to enhance your portraits with natural, artificial, direct and soft lighting.

  • Color - understanding hue, saturation and brightness in photography.

  • White Balance - understanding the goal of white balance, how to achieve the correct balance of the image and compensate for mistakes.

  • Camera settings - use the full potential of your camera features to create candid portraits, action portraits, slow motion portraits.

  • Advanced Focus - learn Focus Stacking technique, hyperfocal distance, focus on moving objects and macro photography.

  • Aperture and depth of field – understand these photography elements in depth and learn how to use it effectively in portrait photography.

  • Histograms - learn how to read the histograms and benefit from this information to achieve better-balanced exposures.

  • Lenses - learn the selection of lenses, accessories, and focusing.

  • Accessories - understanding of such accessories as reflectors, diffusers and light shapers to enhance your photographs.

  • Flash - how to use flash for achieving greater photographs.

  • Advanced Composition - understand the compositional elements of a photograph and different types of composition in portrait photography.

  • Backgrounds – learn how to choose appropriate backgrounds for your images.

  • Working with your model – understand the relationship between the photographer and the model and learn how to work with them in different locations.

  • Advance Camera Care - how to clean the built-in sensor of out camera.

  • Advice - how to take better portraits and avoiding mistakes like a pro.


  • Good knowledge of how to use your camera and a basic knowledge of shutter speed, aperture, camera lenses and ISO. If you feel that you might need more knowledge we highly advice you to take our Beginners Photography course first.

  • Your Camera: DSLR or Mirrorless (If you don’t have a camera yet, don’t worry! You can hire one of our DSLR cameras free of charge. Please notify us in advance so we can make sure we have one available for you).

  • Different lenses if you have.

  • Notebook/tablet for notes taking.

  • Passion, creativity and love for Photography!