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Did you ever wonder what makes an impressive photographs? Do you want to take your photography skills to the next level? Then you are in the right place! Learn any kind of photography from award-winning photographers. Regardless of your level and experience, we will teach you to take premium photographs, boost your creativity and reach your potential. 

At our Boutique Photography School we have an effective structure, where after completing beginners photography course, students can practice and specialise on particular photography genres, followed by post-processing mastery.

Photography is a journey full of discovery, learning and practice. We are happy to invite you to join us on this wonderful journey to transform your skills whenever your end goal is to get a new hobby or profession.

Learn more about our courses and workshops below!

Photo Trips in Switzerland


Seealpsee Trip

CHF 385 (Nov 2nd, 2019)


Rheinfall Trip (SOLD OUT)

CHF 265 (Oct 27th, 2019)

Photo Tours in Europe

We guarantee immediate improvement

Our unique teaching method and in-depth knowledge helped hundreds of students to improve their photography skills dramatically. Our enthusiasm and passion inspired hundreds of people across Switzerland to pursue photography as a beloved hobby and professional career. Discover the photography world with the Swiss School of Photography and our community!



We have prestigious photography awards and 15 years of photography experience. Our unique teaching method combines in-depth technical, photography, engineering knowledge and creativity skills to teach you fast and effectively.



To provide a high quality and personalised approach to each customer, our groups are small - up to 5 students. It is impossible to deliver a high quality with a bigger group. We really teach you instead of just showing slides and spots.



We found out a perfect combination between practice and theory. We teach you the required amount of theory at our courses for each level and focus more on hands-on experience and mechanics of photography at our workshops.



We provide around 20 logically structured courses and workshops, which you can take at any convenient time for you, without obligations for weekly classes. We also provide Photo Trips to explore and photograph Switzerland and Photo Tours to discover the rest of the World together.



We are here to inspire you to photograph and explore more. Thus, we’ve created a membership scheme with special discounts and constant support. You are a friend, a community member, not just a customer, and it’s our goal to see you progressing in taking amazing photographs.



We have a strong name and network in the Swiss and European photography world. Thanks to our partners, our students can enjoy free photography equipment hire and can count on our expert consultation when choosing their equipment. We also provide special discounts with our partners.

It makes us very happy to see that our students like our method and find it effective! This pushes us to do more and better


Community Membership Scheme

To master your photography skills you require a constant practice. Our courses cover a broad variety of workshops, different styles of photography, so you can choose your specialisation or try a few genres. You can build on your expertise and bring your photography to the next level thank to our courses.

As a way to thank you for choosing Swiss School of Photography, we developed a customers loyalty program for you. We do not charge you any membership fees, instead we give you pure benefits and discounts! The scheme is simple as 2+2! The more courses you take with us, the more benefits you receive.

Sounds exciting? Check out the benefits below!

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Attend any 2 courses of your choice To upgrade

  • 10 CHF discount for each following course

  • 100 CHF discount for each following photo tour in Europe

Screenshot 2018-11-25 at 17.42.58.png

Attend any 4 courses of your choice To upgrade

  • 15 CHF discount for each following course

  • 200 CHF discount for each following photo tour in Europe

  • 1 FREE group consultation

    (45min: post-processing)

Screenshot 2018-11-25 at 17.43.10.png

Attend any 6 courses of your choice To upgrade

  • 25 CHF discount for each following course

  • 300 CHF discount for each following photo tour in Europe

  • 1 FREE one-to-one consultation

    (45min: photography & post-processing)