Seealpsee Landscape Photo Trip (22.06.2019)

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Seealpsee Landscape Photo Trip (22.06.2019)


Course Level: Beginners, Intermediate

  • Duration: 6h

  • Time: 16:00-22:00

  • Max Participants: 6

  • Language: English (Group Conversation), Swiss German, Italian, Russian (1:1 Conversations)

  • Location: Seealpsee, Switzerland

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  • Did you ever wonder what makes an impressive landscape photograph?

  • Do you want to take your photography skills to the next level?

  • Do you want to discover the most beautiful photographic spots and at the same time learn how to shot breathtaking pictures?

With our photo trip workshop, you will learn to master the use of photographic filters, tripods, special lenses and complex techniques, such as long exposure, HDR and multiple rows panoramas.

You will do all of these while discovering the most beautiful Swiss photographic spots. We will share with you our favorite locations, photographic techniques, and knowledge in creative composition and location scouting and advanced post-processing.

Seealpsee Photo Trip Itinerary

  • Meeting point: Wasserauen Train/Bus station

  • Moderate hike is required to get to the lake (40-50 min one way)

  • Spot scouting and sunset shooting (2h)

  • Post-processing session (2h) & dinner

  • Workshop is lead by 2 professional photographers


  • Snacks and refreshments are provided

  • Sunset and Post-processing Workshops


  • Transportation to and from Wasserauen Train/Bus station (We will provide you with the best ways to get to the meeting point)

  • Dinner

  • Medical and travel insurance

You will learn:

  • Light - understand what great light is and the best light for different subjects.

  • Composition - learn how to craft strong photographic compositions. You will gain the ability to find subjects and scenes worthy of photographing.

  • Camera settings - learn the best settings and commands for landscape photography.

  • Advanced Focus - learn focusing techniques for landscape photography depending on the lens use and desired outcome.

  • Exposure - understand Exposure Triangle and capture perfect exposures each time.

  • Landscape photography techniques - HDR and Panorama techniques.

  • Lenses – the effective use of different lenses, understand the impact of lens selection on composition.

  • Camera settings – learn how to change and work with your camera settings for sunrise/sunset photography.

  • Filters - understanding the effects and appropriate use of different filters for different types of photography. Use of polarizing filter to make your landscape photography even better.

  • Accessories - understanding of accessories use to enhance your landscape photographs.

  • Post-processing - learn valuable Lightroom and Photoshop techniques to maximize your creative vision.


  • Good knowledge of how to use your camera and a basic knowledge of shutter speed, aperture, camera lenses and ISO. If you feel that you might need more knowledge we highly advice you to take our Beginners Photography course first.

  • Your Camera: DSLR or Mirrorless (If you don’t have a camera yet, don’t worry! You can hire one of our DSLR cameras free of charge. Please notify us in advance so we can make sure we have one available for you).

  • Different lenses if you have.

  • Tripod.

  • Passion, creativity and love for Photography!

  • Appropriate clothing according to the weather at particular season of the year.