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Photojournalism & Storytelling Masterclass 6h


  • Course Level: Intermediate

  • Dates and Time: See below ⇊

  • Duration: 6h

  • Min Participants: 2

  • Max Participants: 10

  • Lecture Language: English

  • Conversational Language: English

  • Location: Zurich

  • Course Type: Classroom & Outdoors

  • Eligible for discount: Yes (see our Community Membership Scheme)

Course Description

Telling a story through a series of images is a calculated and precise process that requires a whole range of skills, knowledge and experience. This in-depth course is designed for students who wish to acquire the fundamentals of documentary photography and/or photojournalism and master visual storytelling. The course will equip students with the contextual framework required to develop and engage in critical thinking about documentary photography, as well as providing technical guidance and support to develop students’ individual documentary practice. This course includes both theory and practical elements to give you as much information and practice in the time as possible. It is led by a professional photojournalist who has worked for national and international outlets.

Instructor: Thomas Kast

Thomas Kast is an award-winning photographer and fine artist based in Zurich, Switzerland. His photographic interests include travel and street photography, photojournalism and a bit of landscape.

Thomas holds a PhD in fine arts from the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice, Poland, and MA in Graphic Arts from the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw.

Thomas spent a big part of his life in Israel, where he taught graphic design, photojournalism photography and illustration at the Shenkar College of Engineering and Design and other Israeli colleges.

You can see more of Thomas work on his website.

You will learn:
The course will provide you with the skills to communicate a story effectively by developing your own photo essay. Explore the technicalities and issues surrounding the practice from a working photojournalist who will teach you everything you need to know from taking detailed shots and portraits, how to develop creativity in your images, and understanding the legal and ethical aspects of photojournalism.

  • What is Photojournalism? – History, Introduction & Key definitions.

  • Laws/rules/ethics – We will discuss some of the legal and moral considerations that you will need to make when working as a photojournalist.

  • The purpose of photojournalism – creating a timeless impact, objectivity vs subjectivity, storytelling, unique point of view

  • Lenses – Which lenses to use for specific events, and how to create different looks for the same scene by using different lenses.

  • Light – How to use the light available to you to create the best image possible. This will include capturing photographs in different locations and lighting, using off-camera flashguns, and outdoor natural light.

  • Interacting with a subject – We will talk about how to approach your subjects, how to position them, how to light your subjects, and how to capture their stories. We’ll speak about access, communication skills, staying invisible vs building trust with the subjects.

  • Practice – We’ll have a practical assignment under professional photojournalism photography instructor in Zurich city centre. You will practice Storytelling and Photography techniques.

  • Image review – We will end the course by reviewing, selecting the best final images and editing. We will also explore different techniques on how to use a series of images to tell a visual story.


  • Good knowledge of how to use your camera and a basic knowledge of shutter speed, aperture, camera lenses and ISO. If you feel that you might need more knowledge we highly advice you to take our Beginners Photography course first.

  • Your Camera: DSLR or Mirrorless (If you don’t have a camera yet, don’t worry! You can hire one of our DSLR cameras free of charge. Please notify us in advance so we can make sure we have one available for you).

  • Lenses: Zoom lenses: 24-70mm**, 70-200mm*, Prime lenses: 85mm* or 105mm*, 28mm or 35mm, 50mm, Flash*


    *highly recommended

  • Notebook/tablet for notes taking.

  • Passion, creativity and love for Photography!